Big Changes


I resigned from the NYC Department of Education. Why? Put simply, I had an expiration date. It was hard for me to give my all to teaching, and my creative work. During the 2017-2018 school year, I voluntarily took on a lot. I was like a junkie for “doing too much”. To be honest, the teachers I worked with gave their all too. I just got tired of hearing myself complain about teaching getting in the way of my creative work. A relaxed mind is a creative mind. I was rarely relaxed. Instead of taking time to really relax, create and still teach, I just left.

It was hard to leave my school. I adored the students and we accomplished a lot. I ran an Anime Manga Club, a Jazz Performance Club, and a KPOP lunch club. We held 2 annual Anime Manga Spring Festivals. It was fun and the students were able to get real life experiences in running a public event. Teaching math was tough at first, but I really came to love instilling a growth mindset with the students and seeing them grow as mathematicians.

I’ll admit, it was hard that first week of September this year when I realized I wasn’t teaching in a classroom. I love working with our teenagers. I plan to have future opportunities to work with youth in a similar capacity, just not as a full time teacher.

“So, what are you doing now?” I get this question a lot. My first answer should be; resting and rebuilding my spiritual center. There was time for that, but I was also eager to start on my creative endeavors again.

  • I’m outlining a novel and getting ready to draft the first chapter so I’ll have some solid work to pitch to publishers/agents.
  • I’m planning to perform a show in January. Exciting!! (More details to come soon.)
  • I’ve prepped Zuzu & Leelu for holiday shopping and launched the website.
  • And to keep my math teacher brain fresh, I’m tutoring.

I’ve come to accept that I do a lot. And that’s okay. ^_^

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