Korean Entertainment has finally taken over my life! ^_^

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So, during my second year of teaching as a math instructor in Brooklyn, I started an Anime/Manga Club. In December of 2015, the students decided to watch and introduce me to the world of “K-Pop” (I prefer to just say popular korean music). Previously, I had some exposure since I am a big Japan fan, but I was avoiding Korean entertainment because I was uber loyal.


I found the music videos fun and really good. They showed me BigBang, Exo, BTS, and Shinee ( I’m missing some others). It took a three month delay for me to really catch on. One night in March, I just thought about revisiting the videos I saw and BIGBANG stood out. From then on, I was a non-stop KPOP listening machine. BIGBANG has become my bias group, but recently, GOT7 is challenging that position with fierceness. I ended up going to GOT7’s Fly in NY concert on July 6 and got the amazing Hi-touch experience. My first K-POP concert!


I even have my little kids into the music. My son visited his cousin’s house and took it upon himself to show the mv for Fire, a song by BTS (Bangtan Boys). 0_0

Nonetheless, I am recharged in terms of musical inspiration and open to trying new sounds and languages. ^_^

Don’t get me started on the dramas…(sigh)

Help me….


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