Over a year…

img_3253.jpegWell, hello there! It’s been a while!

I had one heck of a first year as a teacher in NYC. While I am doing better in my second year, (physically, emotionally, and mentally) I do not see myself in this job long term. However, that is my opinion today. Tomorrow, I may be thinking about getting my music teaching certificate and eventually becoming a principal. This job changes like that. One day I can’t stand it and the next day I am eager to see my students have that moment of clarity when they feel accomplished in their mathematical studies.

In 2016, I now fully appreciate the flexibility I had as a stay-at-home mom from 2007-2014. I used much of that time volunteering in my neighborhood aside from what I really wanted to do. During those years, I also performed, created a website, started an online business, and took care of my two wonderful children.

Reflecting on my time as a stay-at-home mom and becoming a teacher in my 30s had led me to a revelation about myself. I am a multi-talented, intelligent and loving human being who didn’t know what that was really worth. But, now I do. Teaching will do that.

Here’s what’s up in 2016:

-I’ve returned to writing my vampire novel, with an intent on publishing it.

-This month, I am performing in a jazz show with JazzVox, my college professor’s vocal group.

-The weekly haiku has returned. (shanasaki.tumblr.com)

-I am going to create a 2 year plan to take my online business to a physical space.

-Biggest goal this year is to save money to buy a home.

As I think about my future, as I always have, I learn to live in the moment and not wait until tomorrow to do what I want to do. That is a lot of what I did as a stay at home mom; thinking about what I could be and not what I am.

Quote to live by:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

–E.E. Cummings

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