Summer Training is Over…


Training to be a teacher was a lot of hard work. Teaching summer school, from my 20-day experience, was joyfully challenging. I am excited about where  I am now as a new teacher. The program has given me the tools to become an effective first year teacher in the fall. My graduate courses I took this summer were amazingly beneficial to my growth as an educator. As the job search goes into full speed this month, I am looking forward to finding my teaching home for September and setting up a great hands-on learning environment for my math classes.

I am also looking forward to relaxing with my family, creating products for Zuzu & Leelu, writing, and practicing my songs on my guitar again. Maybe I’ll even fit a drawing in there.

During the weekend before my last week of training, my family went to Luna Park and we attended a Star Wars themed Cyclones game (they won). Fun, fun, fun! However, my little girl became sick. Then, I became sick. I tried to self medicate myself for the first two days of my last week of training, then I received proper medication from the doctor. I am still in recovery mode, but I have lots of work to do. Planning for the school year is in full swing. Right now, I am planning demo lessons for interviews. ^_^

Looks like I might have to start a new section of my Shanasaki blog: The Teaching Chronicles.

Walking on sunshine,


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