I’m Going to Be a Teacher!

On May 1, I received my acceptance letter to enroll in the New York City Teaching Fellows program. As a part of the intensive training program, I will be participating in Math Immersion to become a Math Teacher. After years of contemplating the program, I am so glad that I finally decided to do it.

I started taking math courses at St. John’s university on June 2. We’ve planned all of May for this big change in our family life. In the long run, my schedule matches up with the kids!

When I think about what this means for my creative work, I am not worried. Now that I am back in the super work mode combined with school, I have a “do it now” attitude. No more trying to be super prepared. If I want to do an open mic, I’ll just go. If I want to publish a book, I’ll just send it out to editors. If I want to apply to a weekly weekend gig, I’ll just  do it! Time flies and, as always, I want to show my children (and now my students) that the sky is the limit when it comes to hard work and determination.

I can’t wait to start!

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