Zuzu & Leelu: Craft Fair Goals and Experiences

One big goal I’ve made for my small business is to participate in a craft fair or pop up shop every month, starting in March. I was ecstatic to receive notification to participate in SpringfestNY 2014. SpringfestNY is an anime convention in Brooklyn, run by the Polytechnic Anime Society. Being a lifetime anime fan, I knew I’d feel at home there.


My table at SpringfestNY 2014!

I went to the convention for the first time in 2012, as an assistant to my friend, who runs a Power Rangers podcast called No Pink Spandex. (Check it out!) I was delighted to see so many black female faces, gathering for the love of anime. Go Brooklyn! Growing up, I felt like the only one, but with a venue like this, I could see my younger peers were more than two or three. They were a force! But, I digress.

Making my shop’s debut there was fun! In preparation, I purchased three wigs; one purple, one red, and one gray with green tips. Here’s me trying them on for fun a few weeks ago:


Purple: I wore at the convention/ Red: my sister/ Gray & Green: the mannequin.

I called my sisters to assist me, and to join me in the experience. They were great saleswomen. They were full of smiles and knew what to say. They handled my packing very well too. I want to “hire” them all the time!

For my shop, in the long run, I want to incorporate more anime/manga inspired creations. I was so happy people liked what I made. There was two NANA manga items I made the night before the convention, and they both sold. I was surprised yet very happy that the girls who bought them were so excited by it. Can’t wait to make more. I wanna wear them too!

I also sold a Vampire Knight chevron necklace, which was pretty cool that someone liked that. I was worried about whether or not the aesthetic was going to match the atmosphere of the convention.

I tried to do as much networking as I could, and I did manage to get a good amount of business cards and promotional material. One shop I purchased from was called Un-re Designs. It’s on Etsy too. Check it out here. I love my purple zipper pin. I add it on to my faux leather jacket as much as I can, so I can add some Hyde to my look.


I introduced myself to an artist whose blog I visited a few times. She’s gorgeous and her artwork is awesome: artblog.heirofglee.com.

I wish I’d applied for two days and a larger space. It was too much fun to go for only one day. Next year, I will definitely stay for the weekend. I cant’ wait!



In April, I participated in the Greenpointers Spring Market. Although it was a lot less successful, as far as sales were concerned, it was an experience that led me to evaluate my approach to in-person sales. It was located in an area that needed a more focused product assortment. I felt like the vibe was more on the sophisticated trendy style and many of my pieces are really bright, colorful, and very busy. Would I do it again? Probably, especially knowing what pieces I needed to accentuate more.

I did come up with some really cool pieces of art, made during downtime:

IMG_20140423_154518 IMG_20140423_153829IMG_20140423_153659


In May, my shop will make two public appearances. First, on May 4 (this Sunday), I will be at Green-Woodstock. It’s a community event with live music, a market, and free arts and crafts. It’s happening in my neighborhood playground, run by the group I volunteer with, Friends of Greenwood Playground.

At the end of the month, I’ll be a part of Originally Remixed: blogiversary and pop-up shop. I was featured on this blog in August. It’s a cool style blog! Visit and subscribe!


If you live in or around NYC, come stop by!

What’s going on in between these two events? Personally: school spring fling/auction, my first open mic of the year, and a wedding in Massachussetts. (Not to mention, my birthday on the 29th.)

It’s going to be a big busy month.

CAFFEINE, please!

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