End of April: Updates and News


April went by almost as fast as March did!

So what have I done?

I attended craft fairs for my shop (more coming on that experience soon). I hosted birthday parties for my darlings. I updated Shanasaki.com and added a music website!

I applied for the New York City Teaching Fellows. I went to a Selection Day earlier this month where I had to teach a mini lesson in Math. They have a very small acceptance rate, but it would be great to get chosen.

Over the years, I have volunteered to do many things. I am part of the Friends of Greenwood Playground in my neighborhood. I am active in my kids’ schools. A lot of giving my free time. It is rewarding and I like to do it.

So, what time have I given myself to work on music, writing and art? Not as much as I should.

I absolutely have to make more time for what I love to do, so my children can see that they can do everything they love, and be as many things as they want to be (without driving yourself crazy, of course).

Going forward, I’m going to share that time I make on this blog.

This is what a week on Shanasaki Blog is going to look like:

Monday: All about Shana in Parenting, Volunteer Work, Spiritual Journeys, etc

Tuesday: All about anime/manga/sci-fi/fantasy. My geeky obsessions and reviews.

Wednesday: All about Zuzu & Leelu online shop, and promoting other shops/entrpreneurs

Thursday: MUSIC!!! My music, your music, Japanese music! ^_^

Friday: My Writing and Art processes and updates

I may add a few things here and there but that’s the just of it.


Coming up: My response to watching the anime Soul Eater!


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