What Happens in 2014…

Happy New Year!


January is almost over and it has been a roller coaster of a month. From a two month delay in contagious things from both of my children’s schools, to freezing temperatures, and lots of snow, this will be a January to remember. I’ve had to put off a lot of things this month but it motivates me to do what I want to do this year even more. You can’t sweat the little things, whether it’s going crazy at the laundromat a few days in a row or freezing your fingers so bad you have to cry like a baby. Yeah, that happened.

But here’s what I HAVE to do this year:

  • More Zuzu & Leelu (running my shop has become a lot of fun and is always a surprising delight.)
  • Publishing that darn Haiku book already!
  • Publishing a zine of my Ghosts of Booville characters. (They will also debut as toys/accessories in my shop)
  • More drawing
  • Writing my sci-fi and fantasy short stories, then publishing them on Shanasaki.com.
  • Get a tattoo or two!
  • MUSIC!!!

In memory of my weekly haiku, here’s one for January 2014:

We weather the storm,
In a new year of wonder,
With smiles and laughter.



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