Shanasaki's Pre-Halloween Blog 2009

(The Halloween Tree has an animated version made in the 90s. You can watch it here on Youtube.)

As this weekend comes to a close, I have to prepare for the coming holiday weekend. This year, I made sure to brush up on my Halloween history. Hopefully I can combine all my crafty decorating and history into an interactive, educational, fun-spot for the weekend. We shall see how the week pans out. XD Since I am expecting, I will not go too crazy with an elaborate costume this year. I absolutely love to dress up in something out of this world. Every opportunity I get to dress up, I will! I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

The meaning of Halloween has been twisted into many things over the centuries. It has become a commercialized holiday for many and sometimes made into something more sinister for others. For me, Halloween has a world of meaning. The holiday can teach us to understand the fear/enjoyment of the morbid and grotesque. By looking up the origin of All Hallow’s Eve, in combination with years of Halloween trick or treating, I can fully embrace the need to protect oneself from the roaming spirits that are free on such a night. That is at least a few of my ideas on the holiday. I can go into a whole research paper on this, but perhaps another day. 🙂 In any case, I love halloween for what it was and is, for the most part!

The history channel website has a great summary of the Ancient Origins of Halloween.

I will also attempt to celebrate The Day of the Dead this year. It will be my first time exploring the holiday. There were so many loved ones that passed away in the last 11 years of my life, that I just feel the need to say hello to everyone this year and honor them with candles and spiritual gifts. The History Channel also, briefly, explains El Dia de los Muertos, but check out wikipedia’s entries on the celebrations of this coming weekend as well.

Happy Halloween!

By the way, I looked up the word Samhain in Google images. I was taken aback by how far from the meaning of the original day the pictures had gone. They were really sinister. I don’t remember the Gaelic tradition mentioning bloodletting and demon imagery. wow.

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