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In 1996, I began a vampire story focused around teens in Japan. Since then, the story evolved until I stopped writing the tale and began its prequel. I didn’t realize the new story would be a prequel until the themes of prophecy and free will were brought up, as they had in the 1996 story. The new tale arose in 2004, after I dreamt that I had a twin and killed a vampire I fell in love with. Since then, the story, entitled The Sylver Prelude, has become dear to my heart. Once I lay down the basics of the story, I needed to read more on vampires in fiction and nonfiction.

As a writer, I often find myself getting a bit frustrated when I think I’ve come up with something new and then I read a book that already touched upon a similar history, character relationship or scientific reference. This happened when I read Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned and Octavia Butler’s Fledgling. While the latter helped me to embrace my idea, the previous title made me reject a part of my story. Due to the change, however, my story matured heavenly. (I still have yet to read the Anita Blake series but I hear that I have a small similarity to that as well). I suppose it is inevitable for a writer to stumble upon these types of pit stops in storytelling but nonetheless, each writer is different. I have to keep telling myself that my point of view will still be unique.

During these days of Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and all the other vampire tales coming to light, I find myself wondering if I should get my story out there while the demand is hot, or shy away from the impending comparisons that I may lend myself to. But alas, one cannot dictate the destiny of such things. I just need to write!!!

During my last year in college, I took a special class called Vampires In Literature. I knew it was fate when that class showed up on the schedule. And how did I do in that class? Even though I was akin to a zombie during my last year in college, I aced it!!! As my final project I took the 2004 story I started and revamped its opening after everything I learned from classic vampire literature. Apparently the professor enjoyed it. And boy, she was a tough cookie. 🙂 I was really impressed that vampires in fiction would have a college honors class. And ah…. the discussions!. That class was right up there with a Utopian Theory class I had before. Which will lead me to write about my science fiction at a later time….

So, now that I am writing about writing my vampire tale, it is time that I get ready to share the story with everyone. It’s not fair if just a few people get to read it, right?

Time to sharpen my fangs!

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