Time to end the long break…

I did not post a new blog since March!! Ahhh!!!!! And there is so much to write about, as always. So today begins a new blogging era for Shanasaki. Anything goes. Usually I have carefully written articles waiting to be typed into the computer (and they are still waiting..almost done). So, even if I don’t have a prepared article, I have to write in this blog every single day. But first things first: updates.

Since March:

My son turned 2, I turned 26. I had my first solo show as a vocalist the day after Michael Jackson died. I am expecting my second child. I went to see VAMPS (Hyde solo project) in July. IN NYC!!! VIP for pregnant lady! (That story coming soon). I moved to a new apartment.

And now (drumroll) on with the Shanasaki Blog!!!!

New blog posts to come:

Continuation of the Shanasaki Anime Experience

More L’arc en Ciel

Tokio Hotel “Humanoid” album review

The Shanasaki Manga Experience

VAMPS Nyc Concert Report

and more…

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