New York Anime Festival '08: Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop

NYAF: Adventures in Voice Acting 9-26-08

Bang Zoom! Entertainment presented an Adventures in Voice Acting workshop during the 2008 New York Anime Festival. Tony Oliver and Steve Blum, currently known for their work in Gurren Lagann, moderated the workshops. It was fun to be in the same room as the voices of Rick Hunter from Robotech (Tony Oliver) and Spike from Cowboy Bebop (Steve Blum). Although I am no longer interested in acting, I still found many of their advise to be inspiring and very helpful.
The best part of the workshop was definitely the attendee participation in doing ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacing) for Gurren Lagann. The crowd was very enthusiastic about trying out the parts. In the few seconds allotted for looping the voice overs, the female character, Yoko, was very annoying and the male character, Kamina, became a nuisance himself with his uber cheesy masculinity. (I learned later while previewing the first episode that these characters are fun and more or less iconic for the grand giant robot genre). The female audience members seemed to stay on the same wavelength in regards to Yoko’s voice; the stereotypical shonen anime voice for females. There were significant variances, however, in the emotion which kept me awake for the Yoko ADR.
As a whole, the workshop was exciting, to say the least. Tony Oliver’s magnetic personality fueled the crowds’ curiosity about the voice acting experience and how to break into the industry. His main words of advice: Get training!!! I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 More Bang Zoom! Entertainment information and lessons on voice acting is available on the Adventures In Voice Acting DVD.

Gurren Lagann Opening Credits

Gurren Lagann Opening Credits

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