Discovering L’Arc~en~Ciel

It was around 10pm, late August, 2004. I was browsing the channels to find something entertaining. I found a program called PopJapanTV.  It was a great discovery. And then there was a video called Jiyuu e no shoutai by a band named L’Arc~en~Ciel. XD I liked the song, yes, but I was ultimately captured by the lead singer! Beautiful face, beautiful voice. I was hooked! In July of that year, they performed at the Otakon convention in Baltimore, MD. I couldn’t believe I discovered an obsession for them right after they performed in the United States for the first time! I was livid! So here I am, almost five years later hailing them as one of my favorite bands, if not my most favorite band of all time. When they come back to the USA, I’ll be in the front row, belting every lyric.

L’arc en Ciel is a Japanese rock band that formed in 1991. From the years 1998-2000 their popularity was at its height. 11 albums to date and they keep getting better!

Hyde: Lead Vocals

My rock god! I am a hydeist. His lyrics always carry you to another place. His compositions are ethereal like his hypnotizing voice.

Solo Projects: HYDE, VAMPS

Notable Laruku songs: Flower, Loreley, Heaven’s Drive, Honey, Sell My Soul, Ibara no Namida, Spirit Dreams Inside, New World, Killing Me, As One, My Dear, Seventh Heaven, Entichers, And She Said, Round and Round

Tetsu: Bass

Energetic and GENKI, especially in green shorts and platform sneakers! His compositions are just as bright as he is. His fingers are magic on that bass!
Solo Projects: Tetsu69
Notable Laruku songs: Dune, Dive to Blue, Blurry Eyes, White Feathers, Kaze ni Kienaide, Driver’s High, Pieces, Perfect Blue, STAY AWAY, finale, READY STEADY GO, Time Goes On, Hitomi no Jyuunin, Jiyuu e no Shoutai, TRUST, Sunadokei, Umibe, Link

Ken: Guitar

The coolest of the cool, playing with a cigarette in his mouth. He has an extremely sophisticated composing style. I love his arrangements. His music is enticing, not to mention the way he makes love to his guitar.
Solo Projects: S.O.A.P. With ex-drummer Sakura.
Notable Laruku songs: As If in a Dream, Kasou, Vivid Colors, Caress of Venus, Lies and Truth, Niji, Fate, Forbidden Lover, Shinshoku~Lose Control. Neo Universe, Love Flies, Lover Boy, Jyojyoushi, My Heart Draws a Dream, Daybreak’s Bell, Alone in La Vida, Yokan

Yuki: Drums (1996- present)

Quiet but he’s a screamer! Pound those drums. He’s the “cyberpunk” of the group.
Solo Projects: Acid Android
Notable Laruku songs: Trick, get out from the shell, Revelation, New World, Spiral

Sakura was the drummer for the band from 1992-1996.

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  1. Ain
    July 30, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Hi!!! I’m a new fan of laruku. this guys are amazing!!. Hyde is freakin cool and cute!!.:)

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