Japanese Drama Addiction Pt. I: Intro

The mayhem started with the Japanese TV adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, a highly popular manga/anime. I watched both seasons back to back. Then I became attached to the actor who played Doumyouji (Jun Matsumoto), so I watched another drama he was in called Kimi wa Petto. In the midst of this I already watched a few Japanese movies by then (not including anime, which is a very long, happy, continuous story). After that I believe I took a break as I was converting my mother and sisters to the drama and yes, they are hooked! Next, I tried Gokusen, another drama Jun was in. I am up to the third season now. I am also  trying to finish Zettai Kareshi, a drama based on a manga I finished reading this past year. (Thank you Yuu Watase!) I came upon this discovery as I was looking at the Gokusen actors to see what else they performed in. And voila!

The addiction continues: once I get into the dramas, then I get into the artists who make the songs from the dramas (some who I know). Of course there are singers who are acting so that doubles the curiosity and research.

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