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I just finished reading Watchmen, by writer Alan Moore (V for Vendetta) and artist Dave Gibbons; one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. By the time I reached the last page, I was crying, laughing, frightened, reluctant and inspired. It is a novel relevant to any generation that would read it as it addresses social, psychological, emotional, political and economic concepts. Each character in the story was a major player in weaving the fabric of each frame. It is a masterpiece of artistic and literary expression. I was more than ready to read it again. I am happy to note, however, that this novel has commenced a new reading streak for me! Yay!

1980s New York City is the setting of the novel. It’s a hub for superheroes, I tell ya! lol In the 1980s, NYC was definitely not the semi-safe haven it is today. To put a group of retired costumed vigilantes in the mix of a Nixon presidential realm is already a cause for turning a page or two. The great thing about this novel is the question of choice. Given the fate of the world in one hand and the core of your precious belief system in the other, which would you turn over and destroy to shield the other? That is one of the many questions I could devise from the countless themes in this novel.I wish everyone would read this novel. At least everyone who cares about anything social and political in this country. It’s good for the artistic/rebellious soul. šŸ™‚ Heck it’s good for any lover of alternative fiction! So READ READ READ!

In March 2009, a film adaptation of Watchmen will be released under the direction of Zack Snyder, who was the director of the film adaptation of 300. Alan Moore does not want to support the project. He feels that the novel should never be made into a film. If you read the novel, you’d definitely understand why. Henceforth, his name will not be tied to the project at all. I definitely admire his stance on the execution of his writing. I wasn’t a great fan of the writing in 300; the visual direction obviously surpassed the storyline. I can see Alan Moore’s view. As a fan of comics to movies (well, some of them), I am really curious to see how everything will work out. I will definitely be one of the many fans to critically bash the film team if they mess it up! Who watches the watchmen, indeed.

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