i lost my poem (2008 revision)

my word wandered in a whirlpool of dreams

bathed in waves of unsalted tears

and waited for King Morpheus

to lay it upon the evening tide.

it used to unfold like Christmas wrapping

undaunted by impatience

hiding under twisted lace of silver and gold

until a silent insanity crept into its spine.

every syllable screamed in agony

caught by the claws of crawling shadows

as if I was hung by my feet with an

                                                         open line

                                                         in my throat

letting the red pain of living too much slide

into the labyrinth of wrinkles in my smile.

a crisp silhouette of ink danced on the clouds of my thoughts

and I let the songs of a voice tempted by the dream king

rise from a bed of hollow pillows.

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